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Doon The Watter Gin

We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with a distillery on Skye to produce our very own gin. We’ve called it Doon The Watter, after the popular Glaswegian colloquialism for holidaying in Dunoon, where Wined & Dined was born.

Made to exacting taste standards, our Gin has captured the smell and taste of the West Bay, Dunoon in a bottle. All the botanical ingredients are picked in secret locations on the West Bay, taken to our production kitchen to be dehydrated, then sent to the ethereal Isle of Skye to be transformed into a magical seaside gin.

Available now for only £36.99

Elegant and crisp in the mouth, a single or double measure of Doon The Watter gin is best mixed with Mediterranean Fever Tree tonic, then served with two ice cubes and sliced green apple.

With it’s seaside inspiration, we’ve designed this gin to be excellent as an aperitif as well as with all manner of seafood dishes.

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