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The Wined & Dined Story

Decorative artwork made from locally found wood. This is made from the off cuts of a hedge trimming, and constructed to resemble an ornate wall clock, although there's no timepiece, it's merely suggested.

Wined & Dined started out in 2012 as a mobile catering company covering the whole of Argyll and beyond. In fact, our name comes from the idea that we would bring our fine dining experience to the comfort of your home or to your private function. To this day we still offer a private catering service, freshly preparing high quality, seasonal dishes for birthdays, weddings, canape parties and even for Christmas.

Early in 2014 we took up residence in the restaurant of The Oakbank Hotel in Sandbank, near Dunoon, and made a name for ourselves offering an exclusive dining experience that was popular with locals and tourists alike. The restaurant went from strength to strength, and by 2017 we’d outgrown the hotel’s dining space and sought out our own premises.

As luck would have it the Boathouse, on Victoria Parade in Dunoon, came up for lease in 2018. It’s a beautiful building, with great views, in a stunning location making it the obvious choice for us at the time. The location of the new premises combined with the high quality of our food and service meant that we quickly started attracting foodies from all over the world, and outgrew