Best food in Scotland!

We have been eating our way across Scotland and this has been our favourite place to eat so far. Beautiful restaurant on the water with amazing service and food.

Kirsten - TripAdvisor

Wined & Dined

Private Catering & Food Consultancy

At Wined&Dined we take care of all your catering needs and problems whether it be to oversee a new build, restructuring of current premises to be competitive with current food trends or you simply just need a hand in your establishment. We simply make your dreams a reality by transforming your current circumstances and elevate to your desired heights. Should you require
someone to prevent decreasing future sales and theft prevention in your work place then look no further.

Our aim is to help you and bring balance to your establishment and resolve any ongoing issues. Consulting our clients is handled with discretion as its common that no one knows our full reasoning for being onsite and that we may be under cover in your establishment to find the information you require.

Below are a list of services that we offer throughout Europe and further a field. Terms and conditions apply for all consulting work undertaking, fees are discussed with clients before any work is carried out however we do offer free advice as sometimes you really don’t need us.

Develop Menus and Recipes
Offer advice to establishments
Private Catering/Chefs
Organise Kitchen Safety
Ensuring Correct Food Procedures
Setting up Suppliers to Suit Business Needs
Kitchen Staff Management

Budget and Waste Control
Food Production
Kitchen Design
Allergen Training
Health and Safety Management
Problem Solving
GP’s and Rota Training
Ventilation and Equipment Checks

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Close up shot of our homemade, decadent chocolate brownie oozing with chocolate sauce, topped with butterscotch pieces and marshmallows
Head Chef, David Carson, carefully garnishing a salad which also artichoke, pan fried halloumi, rocket and raspberry

We'll be using
Wined & Dined
again next year!

David and two of his staff did a dinner for 13 of us at a house party near Colintraive. The food was amazing and there was so much of it! And just when we thought the night couldn't get any better, we found the dishes had been done and the kitchen was spotless! 5 and a half stars!

Katen - Facebook

Delicious Food.
Great Value.

A really lovely place to go for a meal in Dunoon. The food is home made and delicious, wonderful surroundings and a great view! David and his staff are very professional and attentive. Would recommend. 5 stars.

Stefan - Facebook

Fine dining
in Argyll.

We were entertained by the chef, who gave us one of the best meals of my life... I can tell you as someone who has dined at The Three Chimneys, The Peat Inn and other fine places, Wined & Dined are better!

Norrie - Facebook

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Try a bottle of our very own Doon The Watter gin.

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A bottle of Doon the Watter Gin

We Now Produce Our Own Gin!

Doon The Watter gin captures the smell and taste of West Bay, Dunoon in a bottle. And now you can buy your own bottle.

We Now Produce Our Own Gin!

Doon The Watter gin captures the smell and taste of West Bay, Dunoon in a bottle. And now you can buy your own bottle.

A bottle of Doon the Watter Gin